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The Best Celebrity Hairstyles with bangs

From side sweeps to blunt cuts as well as baby fringe, all the best bangs are available in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the best celebrity bangs that you would love to have for yourself

Celebrity hairstyles with bangs

A fringe or a bang is the instant style statement that everyone would love to have. Before you do it, you should consider the length, whether you would want a blunt cut or a side lock or a peek a boo. Here are some bangs that you would like to have.

The Kirsten Dunst Bangs

Check out Kirsten Dunst in her new and forthcoming movie, the Woodstock where she has done her hair into romantic waves with delicate bangs embedded with flowers. They are simply charming to look at and definitely would look great on all girls who would prefer a bang.

Taylor Swifts Blunt Bangs

This beautiful singer definitely teases people with her lovely bang and we wonder that she doesn’t change her new hairstyle too soon. Her blunt, look best on faces which are oval shaped. Though this kind of a hair style requires a trim once in every two weeks this style is definitely sexy and is worth keeping as well.

Kim Kadarshian’s full bangs

This hairstyle is definitely worth a show and maintaining this kind of a hairstyle is definitely a tedious task to do. Full bangs are one of the most common styles now and that is what Kim Kadarshian keeps up to recently. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you would need to ask your stylist to start closer from the crown of the head in a pie section. Look at these bangs which are full and wide with a soft layer around the edges and this style helps enhance your cheekbones in a flattering manner.

These are some of the with bangs

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