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Medium Length Male Hair Models

Not too short and not too long! Review these models in case you are looking for medium length hairstyles.

The taste of everyone is different from each other. While some people love the long hair, some people prefer the short ones. However, there is a segment which doesn’t like both of them. We have compiled the medium length hair models for men in this article.

It seems like the 2017 medium length male hair model trends will continue in 2018. Especially the buzz cut hair models and short hair on the sides are really trendy in men in recent years.

Straight Male Hair Models

It is easy to add some volume to straight hair. This is why there is a wide range of options for men with straight hair. Those who have straight hair can comb their hair to the back. Or they can prefer the models where the front side is short and the sides are long. If you have long-term plans for your hair, then the right thing you can do is leaving your hair as it is and keep it around your neck area. If you are going to prefer such a model, then the layered models will be better for you. We would like to state that you need to consider your facial lines in case you are going to consider such a model.


Sides Short Hair Model

If you want your hair to look silky, well-groomed, bright and healthy you need to undertake regular care. Models with short sides where the back part will be long, which are one of the most trendy hair models of the fall, still longer than the previous seasons’ models.

Curly Male Hair Models

The most distinctive feature of this model where the hairs are shorter from top to bottom is, it will attract attention to you no matter in which event you will attend. The bottom line is very short and the top parts are extremely long. This model can be preferred by those who usually wear sporty and those who have curly hairs.

Fade Hair Model

The fade haircut is the term called for the hair which is lengthy starting from the nape of the next to the top and it is also called as the zeroing model. The nape of the neck and the sides are short and the top layer is longer in this model. If you are looking for a new hair model, we recommend you to use the fade haircut.

Medium Length Male Hair Models 2018 Gallery

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