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Long brown hair with bangs

A fresh look with Which kind of a hairstyle looks great with bangs? Though all kinds of hair look good with bangs, long hair is the perfect kind of hair where you can display long bangs. Long brown tresses and bangs are definitely a match which is made in heaven.

One of the main goals to have a long layered haircut is to have lot of movement and long brown hair with bangs adds to the look as well.

Long Wavy Dark Ash-Brown Hair with Long Bangs

The sprawling long and wavy tresses look really awesome when they are paired with long bangs. Brown definitely enhances the color. The brown color is known to be incredibly rich and elegant and it helps in adding a new dimension to your look. The flowing locks along with the color and bangs are definitely an addition to your look.

Brunette Balayage for Thick Hair

This is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles where the full bangs are balanced well with shades of light brown and dark brown Balayage highlights which tend to get fuller at the end. This is one of the best looks for long brown hair with bangs.

The Ginger brown shaggy hairstyle with bangs: If you have long brown hair which is pretty shaggy layers, then the are a great addition to this great looking hairstyle. The layers begin at the cheekbone and go all the way through the ends of the face. The smooth looking bangs can be moved to the side of the face for a flirty and sensuous look. The with bangs is a flattering style for blue eyes and fair complexions as well.

Long brown hair with bangs is definitely one of the fresh new looks that are being carried out by many women today. You can find a number of celebrities in this look as well.

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