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Great Ideas for Men’s Medium Short Hairstyles

In case you have straight hair then these hairstyles are just for you!

Men with straight and short hairstyles usually do not try different hairstyles. We have prepared a great article for men who are bored with their classical hairstyles. You can shape your straight and . How? You can check out the hairstyles on the below.

Short and Straight Hairstyles

Mens Medium Short Hairstyles 2018

If you have straight hair, then you can buzzcut the sides and let your top part grow. Thus, you can have a different look and prevent your hair to have more volume. You need to shape these men’s medium short hairstyles with shaping gel. First get the gel in your hands then comb your hair back with your hand. That is all!

Mens Medium Short Hairstyles

In case you have shorter hair then this model can be for you. You should leave the top parts long by making the sides shorter gradually. Since this hairstyle cannot be combed backward fully, you need to shape it by lifting the top parts.

Mens Medium Short Hairstyle

If you like the masculine hairstyles then this is for you! You should fix your hair with a wet-looking shaping gel to backward. This hairstyle will attract too much attention on special days, meetings and dinners!

Mens Medium Short and Straight Hairstyle

In the event that your hair has a single color, then you should shape your hair with this model. You will attract all of the attention with this hairstyle which is both cool and practical. Spread the shaping gel on your hair and then create a messy look with your fingers. Shape them after you dry your hair and you are ready!

Mens Medium Short and Straight Hairstyles

This hairstyle which is one of the most adored hairstyles of Zayn Malik will look very good on you. In case you do not want to leave the classic look then you must give a chance to this hairstyle. Comb your hair to the front with hair spray. Thus, your hair will look great during the day without losing its shape.

Mens Medium Short Hairstyles Gallery

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