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Best Hairstyles for Straight and Blonde Men

You are very lucky in case you are a natural blonde while everyone from men celebrities to models trying to dye their hair to blonde. In case you have straight hair and you are looking for a different haircut or hairstyle then we have some suggestions for you in order to get some inspiration! Let’s see which of these will be your favorite!

  1. Cool Looking Hairstyles

Blonde Men hairstyles

In case you have medium length hair, you can have a cool look by combing your hair backward with your fingers after you apply some shaping foam and create some messy look.

  1. Hipster Style

Blonde Men hairstyle

Long hair, long beard = hipster style! If you want to get some inspiration from hipster style which we see them a lot in recent days, separate your long hair, apply some shaping gel and comb it with a thin brush. You will look very cool with your hair which you will throw them at the back of your ear!

  1. Gentleman Look

You can use medium length, slightly layered and combed backward hairstyle in any event.

  1. Voluminous Hairstyles

Blonde Men hairstyles 2018

One of the disadvantages of the straight hair is the lack of volume. In case you complain about the lack of volume in your hair, you can apply some volumizer to the roots of your hair and shape your hair with your fingers.

  1. Create Different Images

Create Different Hairstyles

Messy bangs can be a different and elegant alternative. You can create a messy look with your bangs with shaping gel in this hairstyle which sides and nape will be short but front part will be long.

  1. Undercut

Men Undercut hairstyles

There is a new model in undercut hairstyle which is preferred by Justin Bieber where the sides are short but the top and front part are long! This undercut is gathered on one side and while one part will look short, the other part will look long!

  1. Hair Combed Backwards

Josh Hutcherson who has the leading role in Hunger Games looks like the teenager times of Clint Eastwood by preferring a hairstyle with his blonde hair which combed backward.

  1. Man Bun

Blonde Men hairstyles

We are sure that man bun models which are very popular in this season will look very good on your straight and blonde hair!

Blonde Men Hairstyle Gallery

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