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Beautiful Long Hairstyles with bangs | Easy long hairstyles 2018

A lot of people feel that hair with bangs can be really irritating as they keep on falling on your face. However bangs can really look good if they are well maintained. Here are a few easy hairstyles with bangs that you can try out.

Braiding the bangs back

One of the best ways of carrying your hair with bangs is by braiding them back. Braid three strands at the front of your head twice and then put the first and third strands as replacement. Continue this all throughout the front of your head. When you reach the point, you can pin back your hair. This will keep you looking clean and the bangs would not fall on your face and you would look stylish as well. This is one of the easiest .

Twist them back into a braid

This is one of the most that look modern and chic as well.Gather all your hair at the back and then tie them into a loose plait. This is really good for long hair. Start from the very crown the hair and slowly go back towards the edges slowly and neatly. You can leave abang or two for the carelessly beautiful style.

Style them into a French braid

Grab a section of the hair from the hairline and use that strand for braiding. Continue the whole process all the way down to your hair and make sure that the strands are really tight so that your braid is not too loose. When you have reached the ear, tie the braid with a rubber band or a hair tie that matches the hair color.

Long hairstyles with bangs can be made into any style that looks stylish, sleek and can be easily maintained as well.

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