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Attractive Brown and Straight Hairstyles for Men

What about including some motion to your straight hair?

One of the most common complaints of men with straight hair is the lack of volume. In fact, it is possible to cover this lack and even make your hair look more voluminous with men’s straight hairstyles. You can continue to learn more about it!

Attractive Brown and Straight Hairstyles for Men

  1. Undercut Haircut

You can have a voluminous look by preferring the undercut haircut which the sides and nape are short and the front part is long. For instance, you can shape the front part of your hair like Justin Bieber.

  1. Bangs

Attractive Brown Hairstyles for Men with bangs

Bangs which gather at their peak point will include some volume of your straight hair and you can prefer this haircut. Also, you can have a cool image by shaping your hair in a messy manner by applying some shaping gel.

  1. Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Hair for Men 2018

Your hair may lack volume when they are long because of their straight structure. Instead of this, you can prefer the hairstyles where you will have layers in various sizes.

  1. Messy Style

Messy hairstyles are the smartest way to include some motion to your straight hair! Apply some shaping foam on your hair and shape them by creating some shapes with your hair. That is all!

  1. Separated from the Side

Attractive Brown and Straight Hairstyles for Men

You can prefer a hairstyle where only one side is long and back and the other side is short! It is impossible for you to look cool with this hairstyle as a gentleman!

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