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15 Good Haircuts for curly hair guys (2018)


Curly hair can really be difficult to tame and manage, however they can give you great volume and various styling options. Here are some good haircuts for curly hair guys that you would love to try out for yourself

If you have real curly hair, then the curly undercut would look really good on you. Take the short back and the sides to the end point and use your volume. This is a great haircut that can help in adding height and slimming down the face. This is one of the trendiest haircuts for curly hair men and you can style this hair by using a hair dryer to lift the hair upwards and backwards. Once the hair dries up, you can rub some hair gel through the hair so that the curls look nice, shining and glossy. This is one of the best haircuts for curly hair guys which you can try.

Curly Quiff for curly hair

The curly Quiff haircut requires short hair in the back and the sides and long hair on the top. The length can be layered a bit to reduce the weight and volume. In order to style the Quiff you would need a vented brush. Dry the front of your hair and lift the hair upwards and backwards. The curls can be well defined by crushing them and applying some gel.

Slicked back cut

This cut works well with an undercut or medium length hair with . You can also reduce the volume a bit by cutting the hair. Apply some gel into your hair and massage evenly. Wet you hair a bit and push back your hair with your fingers and run them through each of the strands till you get your desired look.

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